This Hilarious Videos Shows What Happens When Kids Write Trash Talk For WWE Wrestlers

One could argue that pretty much any catchphrase could seem intimidating when said by a professional wrestler. Perfect example? “Do you smell what the Rock is cooking?” Not exactly the most intimidating words — but when uttered by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? Bone chilling.

Jimmy Fallon tested this out by having kids, ranging in age from 4 to 11 years old, write trash talk for WWE wrestlers in a segment on NBC’s “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

Leading up to WrestleMania 35, which airs live on April 7, six wrestlers were tasked with making insults written by children sound terrifying. The smack talk involved a lot of references to butts, and I’m not sure how scary these “threats” were, but they were definitely hilarious.

See for yourself in this clip from the show’s YouTube channel:

From WWE star Alexa Bliss threatening to “take your lunch box and eat your lunch,” all the way to 6-foot-8-inch superstar Braun Strowman saying he would “kick your butt until you fall in the lake,” the kids had these wrestlers saying some mean hypotheticals. Clearly these kids were not messing around.

Perhaps the best one-liner of all let everyone know just how serious their remarks were, with kids named Emilia and Oliver having Strowman finish his line by saying, “And I’m not joking! Because when I’m kidding … I say ‘knock knock!'”

Because — clearly — this wasn’t a threat or a joke. It was a promise!

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Getty Images | JP Yim

You definitely wouldn’t want to wrong these kids on the playground! And while we certainly wouldn’t condone these kinds of threats from little ones in real life — because “wax you New York style” certainly sounds intense — the segment was all in good fun and was great for a laugh.

Plenty of people online agreed:

Twitter user @jamiemorgan5984 “laughed so hard” watching the segment:

And @danninolan tweeted that the segment “just made my damn life”:

Meanwhile, @ShannonWeese joked they were “laughing so hard” they were “pooping toes,” referencing a line said by wrestler Drew McIntyre in the segment:

This certainly wasn’t the first time Fallon has repurposed something meant for kids into something unexpected and hilarious. Take the segments where he has famous musicians play classroom instruments, for example. He’s rocked the house that way with bands such as Weezer, the Backstreet Boys and others.

The Backstreet Boys’ rendition of “I Want It That Way” with kids’ instruments was truly impressive. Check out the clip below if you don’t believe me!

These videos are sure to brighten your day. Not sure that’s what the kids were going for with their trash talk, but hey — they’ve got plenty of time to learn!