Xerox Is Hiring For Work-From-Home Jobs With Serious Benefits

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Being able to work from home is more realistic now than ever, thanks to progressive companies and fast home internet connections. And to many people, being able to work from home (or, as it’s also known by its popular abbreviation, “WFH,” is the dream setup. (No commute, puppy by your side and pajamas, right?)

Xerox, a company known for much more than copiers, currently lists dozens of work-from-home opportunities around the United States. Open virtual positions range from customer care assistants to client managers to digital marketing managers.

Xerox full-time employee benefits include medical, dental and vision coverage, 401(k), educational assistance, paid time off and more. Requirements vary by position. Customer care assistant candidates, for example should have abilities that include fast typing skills (the required words per minute vary), a high school degree/GED and six months of customer service experience.

According a Xerox representative, the company’s work-from-home history dates back to the 1960s when one of the founders needed to work remotely while caring for her bedridden daughter. Today more than 8,000 U.S. employees—or about 11 percent of Xerox’s domestic workforce—works offsite 100 percent of the time.

Note about location: Some of the job listings say they are for a specific state. We spoke with Travis Pierce, director of the Virtual Office Program at Xerox, who clarified that the company uses a “hub and spoke” model. Virtual employees may be required to visit the hub in the state listed for initial and ongoing training or other in-person requirements. The length of those training sessions and frequency of in-person visits required vary by position and regional management.

In other words, if you’re eyeing a virtual position listed in Ohio but live in a neighboring state, it may be worth pursuing the opportunity, then evaluating if you’d be able to commute to the hub on the occasions needed.

To apply, fill out an online application.

Online retailer Amazon is another company that uses many work-from-home employees and includes benefits. Check out the virtual job listing section on this page to see what positions are currently available. Full-time benefits include vacation, a medical plan including dental and vision, 401(k) and an employee stock purchase plan.

A 2013 study found that one in five Americans were working from home and predicted the number would rise 63 percent over the next five years. Working from home is not only good for employees, it can save employers money as well.

A study published in Harvard Business Review found that employers can save up to $1,900 per WFH employee in reduced space and furniture costs alone. The same study found that, in the case of one travel company, call center employees who worked from home were more productive (to the tune of completing 13.5 percent more calls each week!) than those who worked in the office.

Are you currently employed and keen to work from home? Highlighting the savings to the company and other potential benefits are an important step in building your work-from-home case for your boss.

And if you are exploring new career opportunities, you may want to consider pursuing a line of work that’s often possible to do from home. As we wrote about in “10 Work From Home Jobs That Let You Set Your Own Schedule,” jobs that are commonly able to be done from home include a transcriptionist, a travel agent and an online tutor—in addition to call center representatives like the Xerox opportunities that are currently available.