Does The Pricey Yeti Tumbler Really Keep Drinks Colder Than The Cheaper Ozark Trail?

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These two insulated tumblers look identical. They both hold 30 ounces of liquid, are made of stainless steel, are BPA free, and they each do what they’re supposed to do—keep cold drinks cold.

So why is the popular Yeti almost double the cost of the lower-profile Ozark Trail? The folks at Hip2Save decided to find out by conducting a simple experiment. They filled each tumbler with 15 ice cubes, and watched how long it took for the ice to melt. Here are the results.

After Four Hours: No change in either. Hangin’ in there.

After Eight Hours: The tester could pour an equal amount of water from both tumblers, just about 1/4 cup—meaning they both kept the cubes equally cold.


After 24 Hours: The tumblers were still neck and neck. The tester was able to pour out about 3/4 cup of liquid from each one.


After 31 Hours: The water was still cold in both! The ice in the pricier Yeti tumbler had melted, but the Ozark Trail had a tiny chunk of ice left.

So, there you have it. The less expensive Ozark Trail tumbler keeps drinks colder for longer (at least according to one unscientific experiment)! Go ahead and stock up on Amazon. Or, if you’re not convinced, get yourself a Yeti on Amazon.

Still not convinced? Here’s another version of this purely unscientific test.

And some people get really into it. This is the “Ultimate Tumbler Challenge!” (Makes my Microsoft promo water bottle with the broken clip seem rather inferior.)