Yogurt-covered Skittles are now in stores

Not sure how to feel about this one: Skittles is introducing Skittles Dips, a version of its colorful treats in which the regular ol’ Skittles are enrobed in a yogurt-like coating.

The snack’s already debuted in the United Kingdom, and word spread that they were coming stateside. Skittles officially confirmed the Dips rollout in an August Facebook post, saying: “Our fanciest Skittles yet are being hand-delivered to a store near you. Get ready for Skittles DIPS coming in 2020!”

Sharp-eyed candy connoisseurs have noticed packages of Dips appearing already, however. I did a quick Google Shopping search, and there they were — more than one Walmart location in my city says they’re in stock. (They go for $2.98 for an 11.2-ounce “sharing-size” bag.)

No other retailers were listed, though, except for importers of British foodstuffs.

So the Dips are already here. Are they any good? Early reports are not encouraging.

The staff at The Daily Meal got ahold of an early sample of the candy and they were not impressed. The texture was odd, they said, and “the coating slides off on its own before you can even crack into the Skittle within.”

Word from the U.K. is mixed. Twitter user @Aimz1981 didn’t care for them, even though “I usually like this kinda thing.”

Twitter user @Robbo031197 was “disappointed” but found a way to enjoy the Dips anyway:

On the other hand, Twitter user @beerhunter74 deemed the new treats “bloody great.”

Twitter user @TheWattsFamily1 was curious about the Dips — and apparently not grossed out.

I’m not terribly surprised by the lukewarm reactions. My initial thought was that they looked too sweet. And as the Daily Meal staffers noted, there are certain flavors that go well with yogurt — “orange plus cream equals creamsicle” — but others definitely don’t.

Green apple? Grape? I can’t see that working.

If the novelty of a new Skittles experience has you intrigued, however, keep your eyes peeled. Skittles’ social media accounts are sticking to the 2020 plan so, until then, it looks like Walmart’s your best option to taste the Dips rainbow.

Will you give these a go?