You Can Build Your Kid A Bike That Looks Like A Little Airplane

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Do you have a little one obsessed with airplanes? Now you can build them a plane of their very own!

Multiple companies offer kits that allow you to make your own pedal plane that looks just like a real airplane, but which actually functions as a bicycle. Take, for example, Pedal Plane Kits, which offers 14 different models you can build yourself. Each kit comes with detailed instructions, full-size patterns, illustrated sketches and all the necessary parts and hardware. Fair warning, though: The process is fairly involved, so it’s probably not the best first project for a novice builder.

Most of the company’s pedal planes are about 55 inches wide and 50 inches long. The fuselage and wings are made of plywood, while the landing gear and working parts are made of steel.

For more information, you can email the company at [email protected], and they’ll send back a free information package. Be sure to specify which model you’re interested in.

Check out this fun tutorial on YouTube that shows how to build an Old Crow P-51 pedal plane, set to music from the soundtracks of “Top Gun” and “Rocky”:

The result is absolutely adorable! Just look at those little guys go!

The Pedal Planes group on Facebook is more than 7,000 members strong, and people share tips, tricks, ideas and inspiration for building the aviation-themed bikes.

They’re not the only company, however, offering these types of kits. The Australia-based Craft Company is a family-owned company that designs and manufactures timber rocking horses and pedal planes. They ship anywhere within Australia. Their base price for a pedal plane is $650, and you can add additional options for a fee. Check out the awesome Spitfire MK11:

Craft Company

If you don’t live in Australia and aren’t the DIY type, you can still snag a pedal plane for your little aviation enthusiast. Check out the Morgan Cycle Ace Flyer BiPlane on Amazon for $140.70. Designed for ages 18 months up to 3 years, reviews indicate that it takes under an hour to put together.


Do you think your kid would like their very own pedal plane?