This Fake Bean-Bag Onesie Is Going Viral

As someone who hates the cold but lives in a state that freezes frequently, I like to think of myself as a bit of a comfort-wear connoisseur. So we here at Simplemost were thrilled when we thought we had stumbled upon the latest in lazy fashion: the Bean Bag Onesie.

The Bean Bag Onesie is — well, basically, it’s a onesie with a bean bag for a butt. That’s right. All the warmth of a blanket, all the convenience of a snuggie, and all the seating options of that bean bag chair from your freshman dorm.

Think Geek


Amazing, right? Well, unfortunately, it’s not real. That’s right. It’s all part of an elaborate April Fool’s prank by the retailer, ThinkGeek!

The company began selling these onesies online for a cool $90 earlier this month, and it really got people’s attention. And how could it not?! Just look at the wacky photos!

ThinkGeek created this funny promotional video, which attempts to convince customers to get one “because standing is for suckers.”

The company also created an entire listing on their website for the so-called product, marketing the item as a way to always be able to sit down when you need to. In the listing, it suggests using these onesis when waiting in line for things like your driver’s license renewal at the DMV or a celebrity meet-and-greet. Or maybe even tickets to “Avengers: Endgame,” we’re guessing.

“We’ve given the most comfortable clothing option a huge upgrade … or trunkgrade,” ThinkGeek’s website product description reads. “Introducing the new ThinkGeek exclusive Bean Bag Onesie. Now you can sit wherever you want. It solves all of life’s most uncomfortable dilemmas.”


The company even went so far as to specify that the Bean Bag Onesie only comes in one color at the moment, known as “Gumby Green,” but to let them know on social media if you want more colors.

In the product description, it also mentions that this item is a “ThinkGeek Exclusive”  that will “Solve all of your problems … or at least all of your seating related ones.”

It also describes the item as made of the materials, “Cotton, filled with cotton and polyester fiber mix and polystyrene balls.”

And yes, posts about the supposedly “new” product circulated on social media. Clearly, ThinkGeek knows how to commit to a prank!

As you’ll note, this announcement went up on April 1, aka April Fool’s Day:

“Your eyes aren’t decieving you. Take a look at the latest in innovation,” the caption reads.

But just when you’re about convinced that you should buy one of these, you realize, yes, it’s all just an elaborate hoax! In fact, if you click “buy now” in the listing on the website, it’ll take you to a page with the following message:


As you can see, it reads “Gotcha! No need to bae all salty! Happy April Fools.” Ha!

If you were fooled by the prank, don’t worry – you weren’t the only one. Upon initially seeing the post announcing the purported Bean Bag Onesies, dozens of people left comments expressing both disbelief and amazement at the invention.

Meanwhile, ThinkGeek had a grand ol’ time pulling such a great prank on so many people. As the company revealed on its Instagram account about a week after April Fools, it recruited some help after coming up with the concept.

“Shout out to master seamstress and cosplayer @geordiehollyxo for helping make our Bean Bag Onesie dreams a reality! We gave her a weird concept and she ran with it. Thank you, Holly! #AprilFools,” the caption reads, alongside of an image of the construction of the Bean Bag onesie.

Customers, for their part, are taking it all in good stride, although some have been left disappointed by the fact that it was all a prank. As one commenter wrote on ThinkGeek’s Instagram post, ” My 5 yr old totally wanted one of these when he saw the pic yesterday… Had to explain April Fools Day and he said ‘that’s not very nice.'”

What do you think of ThinkGeek’s prank: brilliant or brutal? And do you wish these Bean Bag Onesies were actually real?

Additional reporting by Michelle Regalado.