You can buy a giant tortilla blanket to wrap yourself up like a burrito

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Comfort food is certainly one way to console yourself after a long day. But what if someone took the concept of comfort food and used it to create a blanket you could cuddle up in?

No need to wonder! A blanket shaped like a giant tortilla actually exists, so get ready to swaddle yourself burrito-style.

A tortilla blanket is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a blanket that’s circular and designed to look exactly like your favorite food — the one into which you would typically stuff rice, beans and guac. But in this case, you stuff yourself inside! What could be better, right?

Delish points out that this product was first brought to the attention of the internet via Reddit user Kotaay, who posted a series of photos showcasing a giant blanket that looked exactly like a tortilla:

Burrito blanket from r/INEEEEDIT

Of course, people immediately wanted to find a way to get one of these into their lives. “As a person who often burritos in blankets if I could get my hands on one of those I would ascend to a new level of cozy,” Reddit user willdieinsun commented.

Thankfully, there are several places where you can find products just like this one online.

There’s a fleece-lined burrito blanket that measures 5 feet in diameter available on Amazon for around $35 ($8.99 + $24.99 shipping).


As the product photos demonstrate, it’s perfect for lounging on the couch while playing video games, eating snacks and so much more:


This other, round option from Amazon sells for slightly less, at just below $30. It’s made from soft and plush microfiber.



Etsy retailer Vesaints also carries a 59-inch version that’s perfect for sharing — or not. You can also just wrap yourself up entirely to become the human form of a burrito. It’s available for $41.73:


Here’s another slightly different style from Etsy. This fleece blanket typically retails for $73, but is currently on sale for $58.65 (a 20 percent discount).


And if you want a smaller one for your little one, there are options for that, too. The one below retails for $27.99 on Etsy. Just look at how cute this baby looks wrapped up like a burrito!


And just in case you’d like to be able to take this wrapped-up-like-a-burrito feeling with you anywhere, you’ll be happy to know that a tortilla towel exists. So you can feel more at home and burrito-like whether you’re lounging in the park, at the beach or sitting poolside.

Tortilla Towels

You can find a tortilla towel through The Tortilla Towel website. One towel will cost you $40, but there’s a combo deal where you can get two towels for $79 — so you’ll save $1 when you shop two at a time:

The Tortilla Towel

And if you’re not sure how exactly to wrap yourself in this burrito-style towel? Don’t worry — check out this YouTube video below for some ideas:

Be sure you’ve got a burrito blanket for your home and a tortilla towel stashed away in your car so you’ll always be able to wrap yourself up like your favorite food. Because hey — a burrito can brighten any mood!

Who else is ready to shrug off their responsibilities and turn themselves into a burrito? Your burrito goals are just the press of an “add to cart” button away!

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