This Artist Customizes KitchenAid Stand Mixers With Gorgeous Hand-Painting

I grew up using a KitchenAid stand mixer. First it was my grandmother’s, then it was my mother’s and then I got my own when I moved out of the house. It’s cherry red, and I love every bit of it. But now I know about these gorgeous hand-painted stand mixers and I’m starting to feel a little envious.

I mean, look at these things! They’re works of art. And people love them so much that artist Nicole Dinardo paints multiple mixers every month… and has a massive list of requests.

One famous lady who has a hand-painted mixer? Ree Drummond, better known as the Pioneer Woman. Every time she pulls hers out on the Food Network, which is often, Dinardo gets some free advertising. Other famous cooks who’ve purchased one of Dinardo’s creations are Rachael Ray, Guy Fieri and Mario Batali. No biggie. Oh, and Beyoncé got one too, decked out in gold. Ditto Queen Oprah.

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So how did Dinardo get into the wild world of stand-mixer painting?

“I was an artist first, and then I got into airbrushing in 2005,” Dinardo told Food & Wine in an interview. “And then I just started painting the mixers for fun, you know, for friends and family. It snowballed from there.”

It might seem like these pretty paintings are nothing more than some acrylic paint and a carefully aimed airbrush, but Dinardo says her designs are almost impossible to replicate. According to her, along with the painting there are also layers of masking, taping and sealing involved, plus some minor engineering work.

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“Now, I’m just excited to keep painting and doing what I love. I’m excited for what’s next,” Dinardo told Food and Wine.

Her designs sell for around $300 to $1400 (which doesn’t include the cost of the mixer itself), but prices will vary from project to project. To learn more or order your own, visit her website. And if anyone wants to get my little red stand mixer a friend… well, I wouldn’t be opposed.

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