You can buy an inflatable hot tub for less than $400

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Now that spring is here, it’s getting closer to a time when we’ll finally get to ditch the bulky sweaters and slip into our swimwear! And for our friends across the pond, Aldi U.K. has a special offer for all those looking to relax in a hot tub come summertime. The retailer has an inflatable hot tub available for pre-order on their website, and it’s priced at the equivalent of $394. Talk about a deal!

The Aldi U.K. inflatable hot tub was made by Intex, features heaters and headrests and has room for four people. In other words, it’s everything you need to keep the party going on a chilly summer night:


Unfortunately, the same offer doesn’t seem to be available at the U.S. branch of Aldi, nor is the product available for international shipping — but thankfully, not all hope is lost! You can find similar versions of portable, inflatable hot tubs online and available for purchase in the states.

For example, Walmart also carries an inflatable hot tub from Intex. This one fits four people and comes with bubble jets for the ultimate spa-like experience. It’ll cost a bit more, however, coming in at $411.49:


If you’re hoping to bring the hot tub experience to even more people, you can also shop this six-person version on Amazon. It’s made by Intex as well and comes with two inflatable pillows. Additional pillows are available for purchase but, as is, it’s $424 through Amazon:


In case you’re less concerned with how many people will fit and more concerned with how this will look in your backyard, you can always shop something with a little more style. This GoPlus version has a wicker design on the outside of the tub, which may match your patio furniture. It’s available for $339.99 on Amazon:


If cuteness is what you really care about, you may want to ditch the hot tub bubble effect and opt instead for these adorable inflatable pools. The Minnidip pool collection from Target features fun prints that will definitely have you in the mood for summer. They may not come with heaters and jets, but they’ll make your outdoor area ready for the warmer weather and they’ll spare your wallet, too. They’re available for just $39.99 at Target.

The banana leaf design is perfect for the season, but there are plenty more where this came from:


Whether you’re hosting an outdoor party or looking for a way to spruce up your backyard this season, these inflatable soaking vessels will help you fully embrace summer.

So get ready to sit back and relax!