You Can Now Buy Pop-Tarts Bites

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Just when you thought you had all of your Pop-Tart-eating bases covered, there’s officially another way to enjoy Pop-Tarts. The pastry-like treats you know and love can be eaten for breakfast, as a snack or for dessert. They can also be warmed in the microwave, heated in a toaster oven and even stored in the freezer. Versatility is the name of the game, but now that Pop-Tarts Bites have hit shelves, these can be enjoyed when you’re in your car, at your desk or otherwise preoccupied and in search of sustenance.

According to Food & Wine, these have been available since December, and Pop-Tarts officially announced their arrival on Twitter in January:

So, you may have noticed these on the aisles of your favorite stores. Retailers such as Target and Walmart carry the bites in multiple flavors, and you can find them online at Amazon, too.

For instance, you can find boxes containing five pouches of bite-sized Frosted Strawberry and Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tarts Bites for $2.99 at Target.


You can also find a 10-count box for $4.98 at Walmart or get boxes in bulk, five for $22.55 (if you subscribe) through Amazon.


Those who have tried them weren’t disappointed.

Twitter user @bestOf_destinee wrote, “Them pop tart bites on a whole nother level” in a tweet:

And Twitter user @ficgal compared them to Fig Newtons, given their shape and fruity center:

Twitter user @thesoulman57 summed up the taste as “wooooooow”:

Twitter user @__fabulousity summed up how those of us who haven’t tried them feel. “I gotta find the Pop-Tart bites like asap”:

A review at the Family Food Dude YouTube channel proves that these bite-sized snacks are father- and son-approved in this taste-test video. Spoiler alert, but they like the frosted strawberry flavor better:

If you’re looking to really have some fun with your kids while eating “Pop-Tarts,” you can also try your hand at making adorable little mini versions of this breakfast from scratch. A recipe from All Roads Lead To The Kitchen shows how this can be done with pie crust and fresh fruit, all baked and topped off with icing and sprinkles:

All Roads Lead To The Kitchen

Whether you purchase these online, find them on store shelves or make them at home, the sooner you start enjoying mini Pop-Tarts, the better.