You Can Create Your Own Full-Sized Ewok Buddy At Build-A-Bear

Have you ever gone to a Build-A-Bear store?  Basically, you pay a handsome amount for your child or grandchild to make a stuffed animal that they’ll likely play with for a few months.  That’s all about to change.

Build-A-Bear just announced you can now create your own full-sized Ewok. This should attract just not the kids but the young-at-heart Star Wars fans that have always dreamed of having a pet Ewok.

Now in case you are wondering what an Ewok is, here you go.  An Ewok is an adorable little creature from the Star Wars movies that are native to the forest moon on Endor.  They save the day and helped the Rebels defeat the Empire.

You can create your very own Ewok for $28.  However, right now they are offering special: two for $45. And if you really want to up your Star Wars game, you can purchase the Ewok sound chip for $7 that is inserted into your new fury friend.

Get the details here.