You Can Get A Bridesmaid Dress For Your Dog

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The big day might be the most important day of your life. In addition to your future spouse, your best friend should be there for your special day. Cue your pet!

To help your furry friend look her best at your wedding, U.K.-based pet-accessories designer The Posh Paws Company has created a satin wedding gown that allows your pet to be the best-dressed bridesmaid in your wedding party.

The gowns are handmade with a detailed collar, lined bodice, shoulders finished with gathered frills and a full-bodied skirt to finish off the look. They’ll cost you $81.57 and up, depending on what color and size options you choose; a large version is priced at $149.54.

“So the big day coming up; not sure what’s happening with poochy on the day,” reads the product description on Etsy. “Well, why not complete your day by including your pooch in the bridal party, as one of your bridesmaids.”

Etsy | The Posh Paws Company

The Posh Paws Company doesn’t just make bridesmaid’s dresses, though. You can get a wedding dress for your favorite pup, too, complete with silk, pearl beading, and netting underneath!

Etsy | The Posh Paws Company

And while you’re at it, what about styling your boy dog for such an occasion? You could, for example, make some cute DIY bow ties that will give your pup the right air of sophistication for a formal event.

Max-Bone Santa Event NYC
Getty Images | Astrid Stawiarz

Dressing your pet isn’t just for weddings, either. Clothing for your furry friends seems quite popular lately, especially if you can match them! Check out these matching bathrobes, also from The Posh Paws Company, to keep you both in the lap of luxury. They are sold separately, so you could just get the dog version if you prefer.

Etsy | The Posh Paws Company

Want a more casual look? This cute cable knit sweater from Amazon can be worn even on cooler summer nights — but it’s great for colder temperatures, of course. You can go all out and get matching pajamas or sweaters for you and your pet.


Whether you are dressing your best friend in a bridesmaid dress or another outfit, you’re definitely going to have the most stylish furry friend on the block!