You can buy cookie cutters that look just like your pet

Bakers Street Cutters

Have you ever looked at the adorable little face of your dog or cat and thought, “You’re so cute, I could almost just eat you up?” Well now you can, thanks to these custom pet portrait cookie cutters from Bakers Street Cutters.

After sending in photos of your fur baby to the Etsy shop, their designer creates an illustration of your pet’s likeness and renders it into a 3D cookie cutter, allowing you to bake batches of cookies that look just like your Ruby or Coco. You could even make cookies for your dog, using these cookie cutters plus pet-safe and sugar-free ingredients like peanut butter or apples.

Each unique, custom-made cookie cutter costs $27 plus shipping, and the process of designing it takes one to nine business days. Plus, they send you a preview before printing the design to make sure every detail is correct.

Bakers Street Cutters

While these cookie cutters are hand-wash only and a tad pricey compared to standard dog-shaped cookie cutters you could find elsewhere, they would make for a perfect gift for the pet lover in your life, especially for anyone who has a mixed breed dog or cat. Because while it’s totally possible to find cookie cutters in the shape of pure breed dogs like Dachshunds and Golden Retrievers, just try finding one that captures a Chiweenie or a Maltipoo’s nose and ears just perfectly.

In addition to pet portraits, Bakers Street Cutters creates custom people portrait cookie cutters, so the possibilities for custom cookies are seemingly endless.

Keep in mind that shipping may take an additional two weeks if you’re located in the U.S., so if you’re contemplating buying one of these as a gift for yourself or the pet lover in your life, you may want to order early, especially ahead of the holiday cookie season.

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