You Can Invite Llamas To Your Wedding, And They’ll Even Dress Up

We bet you you know a bride or groom who would love this.

Listen up, flower girls and ring bearers. You’ve got some competition in the cute department this upcoming wedding season. We’re talking llamas and alpacas, looking dapper in top hats and gussied up with floral wreath crowns.

That’s right. An animal therapy center in Oregon is allowing people to “rent” the animals for special occasions, like weddings and corporate events. In turn, all of the proceeds go to funding Mtn Peaks Therapy Llamas & Alpacas’ therapy and education program.

So, you want to invite one of these cute animals to your wedding?

No prob-llama! (I couldn’t resist.)

The catch? Your wedding has to be in the Portland and Vancouver areas of Oregon.

Move over Dominican Republic! Oregon has just become the next hot spot for destination weddings. And step aside photo booths, these llamas are awfully photogenic and ready to star in selfies.

Here’s what the animal therapy center website says: “Our animals are pros when it comes to parties and special events. Our llamas can easily handle all ages, and any size of crowd! More than just entertainment, we provide a unique interactive experience for your guests.”

According to Oregon Live, Mtn Peaks had their first llama wedding in 2011. Last wedding season, their llamas were booked at 11 weddings. “We have a dozen on the calendar this year, and it’s not even wedding season,” Shannon Joy, events coordinator at Mtn Peaks, told the newspaper. Ahh, always the bridesmaid never the bride. But they don’t seem to mind.

Mtn Peaks wedding packages start between $200 and $300 for two animals, according to Oregon Live. But that price can increase depending upon how far the llamas and alpacas have to travel from their farm and how long they spend at the wedding.

We perused Mtn Peaks’ events page, and we’ve got to say, the llamas and alpacas are quite the party animals. They’re pictured in party hats and sombreros; schmoozing with clowns and puckering up to brides, grooms and guests.

So if you do end up hiring these guys for your wedding, please send me an invite. Alpaca my bags.

[h/t: Brides]