You Can Keep Your Kids Busy All Summer Long With These Online Classes

Kids are usually excited about summer vacation, but what about their parents? Sure, you want to spend as much time with your children as possible. But what you likely don’t look forward to are the two words you’ll inevitably hear from your kids approximately every five minutes: “I’m bored.”

While you could find free things to do with them in your free time (ha!), how will you entertain your kids when you have other things on your plate? Enter: Outschool, an online education platform where kids can take live, engaging classes via video chat that will not only ward off boredom but keep them learning, too.

Outschool has more than 8,000 classes to choose from and they go beyond the usual math and science courses. While there are traditional classes like algebra and world history that can help kids who need extra guidance, you’ll also find classes like cupcake decorating (!!!) and others that use popular culture to teach important lessons, like learning architecture through Minecraft or Spanish from Taylor Swift songs.

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Each class is taught by a qualified adult with a background check and prices average just $5–15/class. Most classes are capped at eight kids.

Perhaps the best thing about Outschool, however, aside from the fantastic prices, is that kids as young as 3 can take part in the classes, so you can find something for your child even if they’re not yet old enough for traditional schooling!

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To get started, just visit Outschool’s website and make a profile for your child. From there, you can search for classes by topic. Some courses are one time only, while others last for a few weeks.

If you choose a weekly class, prices will be higher, as you’ll be paying per class. For example, this cooking food safety class for ages 10–15 is one-time-only and costs $12 while this “The Basics of Internet Safety” class for ages 9–14 meets three times and cost $39 total.


If you’d like to enroll your child in a summer course or find out more information about Outschool, just visit their website. What kinds of courses would your child enjoy?