You can make caramel apple ‘cheesecakeadillas’ in just 10 minutes

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I would love to say that my craving for caramel apples ends when fall is over, but the truth is that I could eat them year-round. The only difference is that I prefer my caramel warmed up to fight off any winter blues.

Which is why I will be making this caramel apple cheesecakeadilla as soon as I finish telling you how to make it. Not only does it have just six ingredients, but it also only takes 10 minutes to make!

The recipe comes from Delish and it looks like it will seriously knock out any caramel apple cravings you have and warm you up if it’s cold in your neck of the woods. You can find the entire recipe on Delish’s website but, essentially, here’s how to make it:

You’ll need cream cheese, sugar, flour tortillas, butter, a Granny Smith apple and some caramel sauce. From there, you cook it just how you would any quesadilla — place one tortilla shell in a pan, fill it up, place another tortilla shell on top and there you have it!

The blog Shared Appetite also has a similar recipe they say you can make in just five minutes (if you’re fast and really hungry). This caramel apple cheesecake quesadilla still uses cream cheese and Granny Smith apples, but also includes the addition of brown sugar, cinnamon and a cinnamon and sugar mixture:

Shared Appetite

Looking for other caramel apple desserts? Try one (or all) of these nine delicious caramel + apple recipes. And to wash it all down, you might as well make this caramel apple mimosa to go with it!

Will you be making this caramel apple cheesecakeadilla?

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