A new feature allows you to book salon and spa appointments through Google

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As ridiculous as it sounds, the act of having to actually get on the phone with someone to make an appointment is enough to stop most of us dead in our tracks. Because seriously—who has time for that? Leave it to none other than Google to make our lives so much easier.

You can now book salon and spa appointments through Google, which will make scheduling your next haircut as simple as a Google search. The tool is called Reserve with Google, and works with participating companies.

While the list of participating spas and salons in your area may be limited now, there’s an excellent chance that this list will continue to expand in the future. Because convenience is king, after all.

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Google first rolled out this booking option with fitness classes, but now it’s expanded into the beauty sector as well.

So in theory, you could set up your massage and yoga class with just the click of a button. Ah, that sounds nice, doesn’t it? You could use some rest and relaxation, and Google is making it that much easier to attain.

When you’re using Google Search or Google Maps, all you have to do is look for the “Book” button to know if a particular location is eligible for this phone-less service.


You can also browse areas near you by visiting the Reserve with Google website. You can see salons, spas and more that are open for hair cuts, massages, manicures and pedicures, facials and waxing.

According to a Google blog post, this booking service is made possible because of the companies they’ve teamed up with, including Genbook, SalonRunner, Rosy, Yocale and WellnessLiving.

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Soon, the company states, they’ll be expanding the list to include Booksy, Envision, MyTime, Schedulicity, Setmore, Shore, SimpleSpa, SuperSalon and TimeTrade.

Of course, Google wasn’t the first company to think of this concept. Apps such as StyleSeat and MINDBODY exist to make scheduling appointments easier, too. But, that requires you to take the time to actually download the app. Forget that.

Thanks to Google, you can now go from your computer chair to the salon chair.

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