You can now buy a Hidden Valley Ranch dressing swimsuit and pool float

If you love to put ranch dressing on everything, why not put it on yourself? OK, not literally — but you can now show off your love of the condiment with Hidden Valley-themed summer products, including bathing suits, T-shirts, hoodies, tote bags and even a pool float. Paired with a magnum bottle of Hidden Valley ranch dressing to put on all your salads, wings, pizza and whatever else your heart desires, you’ll be in for a delicious summer season.

You can see the whole collection over at the Ranch Shop. Check out some of the quirky merchandise that will let everyone you meet know which creamy condiment holds the key to your heart.

Hidden Valley Ranch Women’s One-Piece Swimsuit, $50

This simple green one-piece swimsuit makes its message clear with the words “I Put Ranch On My Ranch” emblazoned on it. Just because you’re wearing a dressing-themed bathing suit doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice sex appeal, as the suit features a daring plunging back.

Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley Ranch Men’s Swim Trunks, $50

These kitschy trunks feature a pattern with both bottles of ranch dressing and pizza slices. As the product description puts it, “Pretend you’re doing a cannonball right into a tub of ranch.” Sounds like a ranch lover’s dream!

Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley Ranch Fountain, $160

Forget a chocolate fountain. Your guests will be super-impressed when they see this fancy ranch fountain that will elevate any party you throw this summer. Be sure to have plenty of snacks on hand for dipping.

Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley Ranch Pool Float, $35

What could be better than floating around in the pool on a raft shaped like a bottle of your favorite dressing?

Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley Beach Towel, $30

Once you’re done floating around in ranch-themed bliss, dry off with this matching beach towel.

Hidden Valley

Which Hidden Valley summer accessory are you most excited to rock this summer?