You can now buy chocolate Eggo Waffles stuffed with chocolate chips

Kellogg's Eggo

Eggo Waffles are already too convenient and delicious not to pop into your toaster oven every morning. But now, considering these waffles just got a major upgrade, you’re probably going to be eating a whole lot more of them.

Kellogg’s has announced a new flavor of their Eggo Thick & Fluffy Waffles, and this one’s so good we’re going to need a drumroll, please. Without further ado, say hello to the Double Chocolatey Thick & Fluffy Belgian Waffles.

Not only is the batter itself chocolate flavored, but Eggo took it a step further and also added in chocolate chips. So each forkful is filled with double the chocolate taste.

Bam. How’s that for an unbeatable breakfast?

Kellogg's Eggo

And as if that wasn’t enough, Kellogg’s also announced that the three existing flavors of the Thick & Fluffy Waffles — Original, Cinnamon Brown Sugar and Blueberry — are receiving upgrades.

For instance, the original version will now come packed with real vanilla extract from vanilla beans grown in Madagascar, and the blueberry flavor will have an added “hint” of lemon zest — all just to give you more flavor with each and every bite.

Instagram user @munchiebunchie has already tried the new and improved Original version, and had nothing but great things to say about them. First and foremost, she seemed pleasantly surprised by how big, thick and fluffy these waffles truly are:

“First of all these things are huge! At first I thought ‘one waffle is 160 cals and I usually eat two normal eggos’ …. I’ll stop right there. I didn’t need TWO,” the Instagram caption read. “Who was I kidding? These are way bigger then normal eggos. They are [sic] definitely live up to the thick and fluffy.”

In case you’re wondering where you can get your hands on these waffles — especially the chocolate ones — ASAP, the Kellogg’s website has a location finder so you can see which stores have these waffles in stock near you. We also found them available at Target and Walmart for in-store purchase only.

Who else is ready to chow down on some double-the-chocolate waffles?

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