You’ll soon be able to buy dill pickle-flavored Slim Jims

The fall season may mean that nearly everything you see in stores is pumpkin-flavored, but if you haven’t noticed, pickles have been having a moment (or shall I say a lot of moments) over the past few years. What was once just something you ate with a sandwich can now be found on pizza, as a potato chip flavor and in a martini. There’s even a restaurant dedicated to the crunchy snack!

And this November, you’ll find yet another pickle-flavored product hitting store shelves. A well-known meat-stick brand and popular pickle brand are officially combining for the launch of Vlasic Dill Pickle Slim Jims!

Slim Jim

The new dill pickle Slim Jims have 6 grams of protein per stick and no artificial flavors or colors. They’ll begin hitting shelves in November at convenience stores and retail locations nationwide.

“There’s a huge amount of demand we see for pickled/sour/fermented foods and beverages in the market today,” said Burke Raine, vice president and general manager of Conagra Brands’ snacks and sweet treats portfolio, in an emailed statement. “We are able to use technical know-how and a great brand we acquired to create a really delicious, on-trend Slim Jim flavor.”


This is far from the only change that’s been made to the original meat stick over the years. Currently, you can find them in flavors as varied as smoked, beef and cheese, turkey and more.

The brand is also introducing an even bigger size if you’re looking for, well, a bigger snack. The 3-ounce Slim Jim “Savage size” meat stick has 18 grams of protein and, at three times thicker than the traditional giant stick, is the largest Slim Jim ever.

Also hitting shelves in November is some brand new packaging, which features graphics of the brand’s iconic ’90s spokesman, wrestler “Macho Man” Randy Savage.

Slim Jim

Will you be trying Slim Jim’s new dill pickle flavor or sticking to the original?