You can now buy dinosaur ice cream cones

If you don’t live in Southern California, you get a pass for not knowing about this dinosaur-themed dessert spot located in Riverside.

The appropriately named Sweetosaur has recently launched a brand new treat — the Wafflesaurus Rex — that’s guaranteed to be any dino lover’s favorite indulgence to date. What’s the Wafflesaurus Rex, you ask? It’s a waffle shaped like a T-Rex, of course, whose mouth is wide open, ready to receive any type of ice cream your heart desires.

It currently comes in three flavors. There’s the original, which is a vanilla soft serve stuffed in a plain waffle and topped with sprinkles; the chocolate variety, which comes with milk chocolate ice cream stuffed in a chocolate chunk T-Rex waffle, topped with brownie bites and milk chocolate eggs and drizzled with fudge; and there’s the churro selection, which offers a decadent dulce de leche ice cream stuffed in a churro waffle that’s decorated with a chocolate wafer stick and drizzled with caramel. How decadent and adorable do these creations sound?

In addition to these wild ice cream creations, Sweetosaur also features over-the-top milkshake creations and ice cream rolls on its creative menu. I will say that out of the five options, the Meteor Madness takes the prize for most indulgent. This chocolate shake is topped with a whole chocolate bundt cake, along with whipped cream, cherry popcorn and sprinkles!

The Fossil Fuel shake also looks particularly delicious and features a cookies ‘n cream base, topped with a whole chocolate chip cookie, salted caramel popcorn, whipped cream and sprinkles!

They also offer two other shakes I’d love to taste — the Clever Girl, which is a strawberry shake, and the Ice Age, which is a mint shake. Both come topped with big, puffy rings of cotton candy.

If you’re feeling slightly less adventurous, opt for one of their ice cream roll concoctions, which come in two flavors — cookies ‘n cream with cherry popcorn and chocolate with blueberry popcorn.

Who’s ready for dessert?