You can now buy Dove white chocolate carrot cake treats for Easter


We can think of dozens of desserts we’d love to have for Easter, but one that always goes to the top of the list is carrot cake. It’s light and fresh-tasting, making it perfect for spring. And it’s not Easter without eggs, rabbits, and carrots!

While you could spend your Easter weekend actually baking a carrot cake, Dove Chocolate is making things easier with its newest treat: white chocolate carrot cake candy! The white chocolate treat isn’t just carrot cake-flavored — it also has graham-flavored crisps. The chocolates are individually wrapped in a spring-themed foil wrapper, so they easily fit in Easter baskets or plastic eggs for your Easter egg hunt. You can get them at Target for $3.99 a bag.


If you love that carrot cake flavor, you can also find carrot cake Oreos. These feature carrot cake-flavored wafers and a cream cheese frosting-flavored center.

Maybe you’re not a fan of carrot cake itself, but want a dessert that includes a carrot theme for celebrating Easter. If so, check out this adorable Oreo dirt cake from The Semisweet Sisters that looks just like a garden full of carrots! After baking the cake and sprinkling it with crushed Oreos to create “dirt,” you just add some Peeps bunnies and “carrot” tops.

You can make these cute cake toppers using store-bought frosting and orange food coloring. Just put the frosting in a Ziploc bag, cut the corner and pipe the frosting onto parchment paper. Freeze carrot tops for about 10 minutes, then pop them on the cake!

The Semisweet Sisters

Also new for your Easter baskets this year are white chocolate marshmallow M&Ms and Ghirardelli sea salt caramel bunnies — milk chocolate rabbits filled with sea salt and caramel. Yum!

The Dove white chocolate carrot cake treats, along with the M&Ms and sea salt caramel bunnies, are all available exclusively at Target stores and Will you be trying Dove’s new carrot cake chocolate this Easter?

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