You can now buy macaroni and cheese with unicorn shapes


Your kids’ favorite macaroni just got a magical upgrade. You can now purchase Kraft Macaroni & Cheese featuring fun new unicorn shapes. Even the pickiest of eaters will enjoy this meal!

This box of macaroni and cheese isn’t filled with rainbow colors. It’s got the same cheesy sauce your kids already know and love. The noodles, though — that’s where the fun comes in. They’re shaped like rainbows, stars and unicorns to make mealtime feel a little more extraordinary.

This special new version of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese is available at stores such as Walmart and Target, and you should expect to pay about $1.29 for a box. As of this writing, the product was out of stock through Walmart’s online website but was available for shipment or in-store pick-up at Target. There’s also the chance you’ll be able to track this down wherever Kraft Macaroni & Cheese is sold. Just look for the multicolor unicorn on the packaging!


If for some reason you can’t get your hands on a box of this macaroni and cheese, you can always make lunchtime a little extra special for your kiddo by making up a batch of unicorn-inspired mac and cheese from scratch.

This video from the Sauce Stache YouTube channel shows how a little food coloring can create a meal that will wow your little one:

You could make this with regular elbow noodles or use the fun rainbow, unicorn and star shapes from the Kraft kit to make this meal all the more special.

These unicorn-inspired shapes aren’t the only fun shapes you can shop from the Kraft brand, either. They also make “Frozen” macaroni and cheese, “Star Wars” macaroni and cheese and more. These versions are also available through stores such as Target and can even be found online at Amazon.

For instance, Prime members can shop this “Paw Patrol”-themed macaroni and cheese for $1.29 on Amazon:


“Star Wars” fans can also stock up on Darth Vader-shaped macaroni and more through Amazon. Buy in bulk for $14.71 for a 12-pack:


These portable cups, which make on-the-go eating even easier, come in “Frozen”-inspired shapes. They’re available for $3.98 for a 4-pack through Amazon:


And if your kids just can’t get enough of the fun shapes at mealtime, there are plenty of other food products to try. We’ve seen everything from Glittery Caticorn Cereal to unicorn-inspired pudding cups available for purchase. Plus, you can mix up traditional recipes for banana bread and more with a unicorn flair.

So let your imagination run wild and serve up some fantastic food to your kids!

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