You can now buy oval-shaped Easter egg Oreos

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If it seems like there’s an Oreo for every holiday and season, you’re right. From peppermint bark for winter to pumpkin spice in the fall and, most recently, “Love” Oreos for Valentine’s Day, there is no shortage of cookies for whatever you’re celebrating.

And now, you can add Easter to that list with Oreo’s latest creation — Easter egg-shaped cookies.


While the Easter egg Oreos taste the same as regular Oreos, the cookies are an oval shape instead of round, making them look more like eggs. They also have purple creme and four designs in the crunchy wafer, including, of course, the Easter bunny.

You can find the Oreos on shelves now for around $2.99 a pack nationwide for a limited time, along with another treat perfect for the season — spring Oreos. The spring Oreos have yellow creme and feature three springtime designs, including a bumblebee. They also taste the same as regular Oreos, and they’re also $2.99 at Target (but $14.61 for a two-pack at Amazon).


If you’re wanting an Oreo with a different flavor, no worries — there are plenty of those, too. On store shelves now you’ll also find dark chocolate, peanut butter pie and, also perfect for spring, carrot cake, which has a cream cheese filling.

Oreo released marshmallow Peep-flavored Oreos last Easter, but it looks like the Easter egg-shaped cookies are this year’s festive treat.

Will you be trying the new Easter-egg shaped Oreos?

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