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There’s Now A Peanut Butter Whiskey To Make All Your Dreams Come True

Whoa this sounds good!

Fans of peanut butter are going to love this: There’s yet another way to enjoy your favorite spread. This time, however, it’s not in the form of a spread at all. Peanut butter whiskey is now a thing, so get ready to take your love of peanut butter beyond lunch and snack time and add it to your cocktail hour, too.

According to the makers behind Screwball Peanut Butter Whiskey, this unexpected combo pairs so well together it makes peanut butter and jelly “jealous.” According to the Screwball website, “bold, loud” whiskey combines with “rich, smooth and irresistible” peanut butter “quite phenomenally” to create a beverage you never knew you needed.

It certainly looks delicious over ice, as the Screwball Instagram account demonstrates in several of their posts. On St. Patrick’s Day, the company posted the below photo along with the caption, “What whiskey will not cure there is no cure for.”

You can even use the whiskey as the base for a cocktail, as highlighted below. The company writes out the recipe for anyone interested in trying a Peanut Butter White Russian, which consists of Skrewball whiskey with vodka, coffee liqueur, cream of coconut and heavy cream.

Not into White Russians? You could also try a Peanut Butter Whiskey Apple Cider. Just mix the apple cider and whiskey, throw in two dashes of baked apple butters and garnish with a cinnamon stick.

When people got hold of the peanut butter whiskey news, their reactions were a bit mixed. People were either huge fans of the combination … or a bit skeptical, to say the least.

Twitter user @jestynegray thought this could be a “game changer” come happy hour:

And even non-whiskey drinkers, such as Twitter user @brodyradio, were intrigued by this pairing:

But, then there were those such as Twitter user @MaryC_mic4123 who seemed completely frightened by the idea β€” and had the perfect GIF to illustrate it:

The reactions from people who have already tried this were quite similar. This seems like a drink you’re either going to love or hate.

Some of the staff at the Huffington Post got to sample the whiskey, and they had quite a range of takeaways.

“The smell is at once appetizing and abrasive β€” the peanut butter presumably supplying the former, and the alcohol the latter. It smells like peanut butter taffy! It tastes way too sweet, without the pleasant qualities present in its smell. I do not like it, and would prefer regular whiskey seven days a week,” one Huffington Post taste tester said.

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But, another admitted, “As a major whiskey/bourbon drinker, I’m a little embarrassed I like this so much.”

So, even some traditional whiskey lovers wound up to be fans.

The hosts of “Today” also tried this out on-camera, with an overwhelmingly positive reaction β€” aside from Craig Melvin, who thought it was too sweet.

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The bottom line is, if you’re at all intrigued, this is worth trying out for yourself. Only one way to know whether you’ll like it once and for all, right? Who knows, this could just become your favorite whiskey to sip on.

You can find this whiskey in stores across California, but you can also order a bottle online. It’s available for as low as $23.99 from online retailers such as Sip Whiskey and Keg n Bottle.

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So, what do you say, will you be giving this a try?