You Can Now Buy Pickle Popsicles

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It’s the summertime frozen treat that’s going to fly off the shelves: pickle popsicles. Wait, what?

Yes, it’s true, if you’re not in the mood for an ice cold pickle juice soda, and it’s the wrong time of year for a pickle-flavored candy cane, you can now hit the frozen aisle.

Pickle maker Van Holten’s, known for their individually wrapped pickles, now sells Pickle-Ice. The company says, “Simply put, it’s the same brine in our pickles with additional electrolytes added.”

Some people believe pickle juice can help prevent the muscles from cramping, so the company is marketing the freeze pops to athletes. A 2010 piece in the New York Times covered a study in which the athletes who drank pickle juice were less likely to have muscle cramping, though the doctors weren’t sure why. Some believe vinegar is the key, and others point to the electrolytes.

“I have really been enjoying these a lot, great on a hot day especially for those of us that are avoiding sugary things,” wrote one customer in a review.

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Athlete or not, adults can also find something to cheer about with these pickle pops. Van Holten’s shares a fun idea on their Facebook page for a Bloody Mary incorporating the pickle popsicle. They just mix a Bloody Mary as usual, using vodka, Bloody Mary mix, Worcestershire sauce and pepper, and then squeeze in a frozen Pickle-Ice tube.

You can find Pickle-Ice in an eight- or 48-count container on Amazon. Need even more options? Bob’s Pickle Pops are another popular way to slurp pickle juice on a hot day.

And if you decide not to freeze the pops, you may want to look into other concoctions you can make with them. Pickle juice is a popular choice to use as a brine before throwing meat on the grill, and it can also add more flavor to boiled potatoes.