You can now buy Reese’s Ice Cream Cake at the store

Just in time for ice cream season, Reese’s is making it possible for you to get your peanut butter and chocolate fix in frozen form. Rich Products just launched Reese’s cups in ice cream cake form, and it’s basically the only dessert you’ll want to have on hand for summer birthday parties, outdoor barbecues and pretty much any other shindig.

It’s hard to beat the phenomenon that is chocolate and peanut butter coming together, but considering that this ice cream cake is also filled with actual chunks of Reese’s peanut butter cups — it’s the ultimate sweet treat. Even better? It’s likely already available on a freezer aisle near you! It’s being stocked nationwide at grocery stores such as Publix, Food Lion, ShopRite and others.

ShopRite confirmed that this cake was already available in its bakery section on Twitter:

And one lucky person has already purchased — and sampled, of course — this dessert after finding it at Publix. Thankfully for the rest of us, they posted their review on Instagram.

The review gives a better breakdown of everything this cake has to offer, from the whipped icing to the chocolate ice cream base with a layer of Reese’s peanut butter in the middle. But Instagram user @saucedjunkfood pointed out that it’s the chunks of Reese’s throughout that make this a standout:

“The chunks of Reese’s are amazing when you actually find them. It’s like digging for gold.”

Unfortunately, the reviewer was less than impressed by the distribution of the Reese’s cups, finding that parts of the cake barely had any at all:

“Half the cake hardly had any and the other half was loaded with almost whole Reese’s cups. I’d be ticked if I got a slice with barely any.”

Their final review was that while this was very tasty, it might not be worth the $18 they paid for it at Publix:

“Overall it’s chocolate, Reese’s and peanut butter in ice cream cake form so obviously it’s good. But for the price tag not worth it in our opinion.”

This still sounds like it’s worth a try, but if you’re not willing to shell out around $20 for this particular cake, you’ve still got some options.

The Friendly’s brand also makes a Reese’s ice cream cake that’s available at stores such as Walmart for $19.98:


Or you could always try making a Reese’s ice cream cake from scratch — that way you’ll know that each and every bite will come with a peanut butter cup chunk!

This recipe from A Classic Twist proves that it’s pretty simple to bring this decadent dessert to life in your very own kitchen. You’ll need chocolate wafers for the crust, peanut butter-flavored ice cream, plenty of frozen Reese’s cups and a springform pan on-hand to create one delicious ice cream cake:

A Classic Twist

So whether you shop it straight from the freezer aisle or try making it yourself, there’s no denying you’ll be getting plenty of chocolate and peanut butter ice cream cake all summer long.