You can now buy sausage made with Blue Moon

While the perfect summer dinner for me is a veggie burger and glass of rosé, if you’re a meat eater and a beer drinker, chances are that sausage on the grill and an ice cold brew top your list.

This summer, Aidells is making your fantasy meal even easier with a mash-up that’s putting a new spin on grilling and spending time outdoors or in the kitchen. Aidells’ new Blue Moon smoked sausage links are not only inspired by — but are also made with — real Blue Moon Belgian style wheat ale. The fully-cooked chicken sausage pairs with sweet orange and a touch of coriander, the perfect companion for Blue Moon, which is brewed with Valencia orange peel.

Aidells Blue Moon smoked sausage links are available nationally in the refrigerated section and cost around $5.49 for a four-pack. They have no added hormones or nitrates and are made with antibiotic-free chicken.


Of course, you’ll need something to accompany your Blue Moon smoked sausage and, luckily, Cape Cod potato chips has just the thing. They’ve teamed up with a different brewery to create Cape Cod Summer Potato Chips, which feature cracked pepper and lemon flavors. The chips are meant to accompany the citrus fruit notes and hazy, juicy taste of Sam Adams New England IPA.

Cape Cod

If you’re looking for other new chicken sausage flavors, Perdue has also released three new chicken sausage flavors for the summer: apple, Italian and, perhaps most unique, kale & feta. These ones, however, are not boozy, so if you’re looking for more of those flavors, you can instead try your hand at making your own.

Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it sounds. This recipe for beer-braised sausage from A Night Owl calls for Italian sausage, onion, peppers, olive oil, some spices and light beer, like a lager or pilsner.

A Night Owl

If you like your sausage on a bun with toppings or dipped in sauce, there’s even a new ketchup this summer! Hunt’s Best Ever is the thickest and richest ketchup to date, so be prepared for some flavor. The ketchup is made with 100% vine-ripened tomatoes and no preservatives. You can find it in stores now.

Will you be trying Aidells’ new Blue Moon smoked sausage links or any of these other new summer foods at your next summer barbeque?

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