You Can Now Buy ‘Star Wars’ Toms

Toms shoes has been known to collaborate with other brands to put out some pretty cute kicks. The Force seems to be with Toms on this latest collaboration, though.

The shoe company has teamed up with Star Wars for a collection dedicated to the space-adventure franchise. The shoes range in price from $39.95 up to $94.95, and the collection includes styles for women, men and kids. Their debut comes ahead of the premiere of “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,” which will hit theaters in December 2019.

The shoes are available at Toms locations around the world, as well as online and at select wholesale partners. The collection is designed by Nathan Photavath, a senior footwear designer for Toms who grew up as a big fan of the franchise.

“After selecting key storyboard scenes and concept art, we decided to add some extra elements and put our own TOMS twist to the custom prints,” Photavath said in a press release. “We paneled the scenes of the concept art to wrap around the exterior of the upper pattern, adding some color pop to give it another level of dimension. At the same time, wanted to make sure we were creating designs that were unisex, for everyone to wear.”

Check out these classic canvas slip-ons for women that feature storyboard-inspired AT-AT walkers from “The Empire Strikes Back.” They’re priced at $69.95.



Or, indulge your dark side with these slip-ons featuring a Death Star print from “Star Wars: A New Hope.” They’re priced at $69.95.


Toms took a different approach with the lace-ups in the collection. “Each character has their own unique signature and quotes that we decided to add to the print,” Photavath said. “Tying both shoes together, we created a custom webbing on the heel that translations into ‘TOMS’ in Aurebesh,” a Star Wars writing system.

Check out the lace-up TRVL LITE sneaker, which features characters from the original trilogy, priced at $94.95:


And how cute are these Ewok-print Tiny Toms classics for kids? They’re priced at $39.95.


So, who’s in the market for a new pair of Toms?