You can now buy Toasted Coconut Cheerios

Cheerios may be a classic staple when it comes to breakfast food, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for variety and perhaps even improvement! While I could go for a bowl of Cheerios any day, I’ll always pick honey nut over original. And if you haven’t had Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheerios, you are seriously missing out.

And now, Cheerios is adding another flavor to their lineup that will help you hold on to summer just a bit longer. Their new Toasted Coconut Cheerios will be hitting shelves next month!

According to General Mills’ product information page for the new offering, Toasted Coconut Cheerios will bring a “sweet, exotic taste of a relaxing tropical getaway right to your breakfast bowl.”

General Mills

You can find the Toasted Coconut Cheerios at retailers nationwide beginning in November for around $2.99 a box. As always, they are gluten-free and have 110 calories per serving. Aside from added vitamins and minerals, they actually only have seven ingredients, including whole grain oats and natural coconut flavor.

Like other flavors they’ve released before, these Cheerios will only be around for a limited time. General Mills does not say how long they’ll be available, however, so you might want to stock up when you can!

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Bored of cereal and milk? If you end up stocking up on the new Cheerios, you might want to check out these recipes for fried Cheerios to step things up a notch. While many of the recipes call for some toppings that don’t exactly go with coconut (like garlic and oregano), frying them up seems like a great way to enhance that toasted coconut flavor!

The toasted coconut would also taste great in the Cheerios version of Rice Krispies Treats. Here’s a recipe from the Cheerios site. As with Rice Krispies Treats, you’ll need only butter, mini marshmallows and the cereal of your choice. These are super simple and delicious — and also gluten-free.

If coconut isn’t your thing, however, you can actually find Cheerios in more than a dozen flavors, some only around for a few seasons and others just as permanent as the original whole-grain cereal. You’ll find them in pumpkin spice, maple, peach, blueberry and a whole bunch of other varieties.

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Will you be trying Cheerio’s new Toasted Coconut flavor?

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