You can now buy Twinkies-flavored coffee 

Blain's Farm & Fleet

A sweet Hostess snack cake goes perfectly with your morning coffee, so why not combine the two? Well, now you can meld their flavors effortlessly — thanks to the introduction of Hostess dessert-flavored single-serve coffee pods.

The Hostess Coffee pods come in a number of flavors based on all of your favorite Hostess snacks, including Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Honey Buns and Sno Balls. You can buy a 12-pack of the pods for $4.99 online at Blain’s Farm & Fleet right now. There is no word yet on whether these yummy new coffee pods will be available at other retailers as well.

Blain's Farm & Fleet

The item description indicates that the pods are compatible with all single-serve brewing systems, so whether you have a Keurig or another brand of machine, you’ll be good to go — no coffee grinder necessary. They are made with 100% Arabica coffee, and the Twinkies flavor is described as “Twinkies sponge cake combined with notes of creamy icing.” Yum!

The introduction of the Hostess pods has been rumored for some time, and on May 2, junk food Instagrammer @junkfoodmom posted a photo of the new products:

“Twinkie the Kid has rustled up some Hostess coffee to go with our breakfast grub,” reads the caption. “Got my order from @blainsfarmandfleet. Which should I try first? Yee-Haw!”

This is not the first time that Hostess has leveraged its iconic desserts to flavor other products in the home kitchen. Late last year, the brand introduced Donettes Cereal, inspired by the brand’s powdered mini donuts, and Honey Buns Cereal, inspired by its sweet roll snacks. In 2017, the company rolled out limited edition Twinkies, Sno Balls, CupCakes and Ding Dongs-flavored ice creams.

Lots of people enjoy their coffee on the sweeter side, so the new coffee pods make total sense! If you’re looking for other dessert-inspired coffee pods, try out these Andes Mint Chocolate Flavored Coffee single-serve pods, or these Girl Scouts Cookie Flavored Coffee Single Serve Brew Cups.

Who knows which dessert-flavored product they will come up with next?




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