You can now buy two flavors of Dippin’ Dots cereal

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Would you have ice cream for breakfast? Hmm, sure, ice cream is delicious…but then again, no one wants a brain freeze before they’ve finished their coffee.

But here’s an idea: How about ice cream cereal?

Dippin’ Dots has paired up with General Mills to make our breakfast dreams come true. Yep. Dippin’ Dots has just unveiled not one but TWO new cereal flavors: Banana Split and Cookies and Cream. Now you really can have ice cream for breakfast.

Take a look at the promo pic General Mills posted to Twitter:

These new Dippin’ Dots cereals are only available at Walmart, so if you want a box (or five), head to your local Walmart. While you can also purchase these cereals online, be aware that they are not yet available to be shipped, meaning you must pick them up in the store. An 18 oz. box of Banana Split or Cookies and Cream is priced at $3.64.



So far, reviewers have been pleased with the new cereals, saying it tastes just as delicious as it sounds. However, some taste-testers — such as the morning news crew at KARE11 in Minneapolis, Minnesota — couldn’t help but point out that the cereal is basically a sugar bomb in a bowl.

For example, the Cookies and Cream flavor has 10 grams of sugar. Compare that to another General Mills breakfast cereal, Cheerios (which only has 1 gram of sugar), and it’s easy to see why this new Dippin’ Dots might be more of a “special treat” than an everyday meal.



While Dippin’ Dots cereal is only available at Walmart currently, there are rumors that other retailers may also start to sell the product come fall 2018.

You can also go to Amazon and find Dippin’ Dots cereal….but they only have the Cookies and Cream flavor, and you have to pay almost $20 a box. Eeek! That’s pretty steep for a novelty cereal, but if you’re a major Dippin’ Dots fan, maybe it’s worth the price tag.

Do you plan to try this new cereal, or do you think that’s way too much sugar for the early morning?