You can now buy wine by the keg

Bridge Lane Wine

Summer — here we come! And we’re bringing lots and lots of wine! Wine kegs now exist, so get ready to host the best summer parties around.

It just doesn’t get better than offering wine on tap to your guests, and a company called Bridge Lane is responsible for making all of your backyard BBQ dreams come true.

They’re selling wine by the keg and offering five different types of wine: chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, red blend, white merlot, and most importantly, rosé.

Each keg runs $240, which is a bit pricey — but keep in mind that one keg is the equivalent of 26 bottles of wine! I’ll do the math for you: This means one keg will give you 26 bottles of wine for just under $10 a bottle.

How To Order One

Bridge Lane will ship the kegs right to your door, and orders of over $50 receive free ground shipping, so you won’t have to pay any additional shipping charges to get your boatload of wine — which really makes the purchase worth it, if you ask us!

The keg does not come chilled and the keg tap is sold separately. You can buy a keg tap through the Bridge Lane website, as well, but at the time of publication it was out of stock. However, you can find keg taps online. For example, there’s one for $48.99 on Amazon.


Surprisingly, there aren’t many retailers that sell wine by the keg to individuals. You can find some that will sell it to you if you own a bar or a restaurant, so thank goodness there’s Bridge Lane to fill this void in our lives!


And if you’re not willing to drop $240 on a keg of wine — know that you can always have wine on tap (and save a lot of money) if you drink boxed wine. You can even get creative and turn a flower pot into a wine keg to snazz up your outdoor soirée.

Find all of the details to make a plastic flower pot turn into a tap for wine on Food Network. And for now, see their handy-work on Instagram:

Wine on tap is sure to take your summer party to the next level — so if you can find a way to make that possible for your guests, we say, “Go for it.” Cheers!

Don’t Need A Full Keg Of Wine?

If you’re interested in buying Bridge Lane wine but don’t need a full keg, the wine also comes in box, can and bottle form. The Bridge Lane wine comes from Lieb Cellars, a small winery on New York’s Long Island.

Related: Portable, Durable Wine Glasses

Now that you have a fancy wine keg, you may not want to use traditional party cups. These awesome wine glasses are durable and portable!

While GOVERRE may be shaped like a sippy cup, it’s made of glass and comes with a silicone sleeve that has a houndstooth print. Because you’re grown and classy, after all. It’ll hold 17 ounces of any beverage, so consider it your cocktail carryall.

These durable wine glasses come in a variety of fun colors and even made an appearance on “Shark Tank.”

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