You Can Now Get Pickles Delivered To Your House With This ‘Pickle Of The Month’ Club


If you love pickles or know someone who does, this subscription box could make the perfect gift for yourself and others. The Pickle of the Month Club by MOUTH is the subscription service you never knew you needed — and yes, they ship pickles right to your door.

Each month, subscribers receive three to four different pickles and/or pickled vegetables. For example, the MOUTH website explains that, in a given month, you could receive Extra-Crunch Spears With Salty Old Bay Seasoning; Garlicky, Dilly Kirbys With A Hint Of Sweetness; Plump Pickled Tomatoes; and Classic Bread & Butter Pickle Chips.


If you’re not completely into the idea of signing up for a pickle delivery before you’ve tried what MOUTH has to offer, you can also shop jars from the merchant itself. The company carries individual jars and gift sets online.

The online store offers everything from Caraway Garlic Dills to Habanero Horseradish Dills. So, you can stock up on some unique flavors, at the very least.

If you’re in the market for pickled vegetables, you should know there are other subscription service options available for you other than MOUTH’s Pickle of the Month Club.

Olympia Provisions also offers a Pickle of the Month Club. With this service, customers receive a different pickled vegetable every month. The company has the full list on their website. But just to give you an idea, it has sent out curried cauliflower and pickled asparagus in the past.

Olympia Provisions

If you don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on a gift for the pickle-eater in your life, another present option is to give them a DIY pickling kit. It’s a cheaper and more hands-on way to enjoy the food they love to eat so much.

Amazon sells a kit complete with fermenting lids, which make it possible to ferment anything you can fit inside of a mason jar. The kit comes with three lids, an extractor pump and an online recipe book for $26.98.


Whether shopping by the jar, enrolling in a monthly delivery program or DIYing pickles on your own, there are many ways to support your or a friend’s pickle-eating habits this season. The pickle connoisseur on your list would surely appreciate any of these!

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