You Can Now Get Ridiculously Adorable Flower Crowns For Dogs From BarkBox

Spring is the time to embrace florals, so get ready to see flower crowns galore. And apparently, no one is exempt from this seasonal trend. Now, thanks to BarkBox, you can even buy flower crowns for your dog.

Whether you’re hoping to dress up your dog for a photo op or just love the festive addition of the flower crown during your daily walk, there are plenty of reasons to make sure your pup doesn’t miss out on this cute adornment.

BarkBox is a subscription service that delivers dog toys and treats to your door once a month, but the flower crowns are available for purchase separately through BarkShop. That means you can buy one whether you’re set up to receive the monthly package from BarkBox or not. You can also find the crowns at Urban Outfitters.

And considering the fabric headpiece is only $12, you won’t want to skip out on this purchase. Look how adorable it is:


According to the product description, this crown actually does double duty. Sure, it’s a great prop for photos of your dog that will definitely get you a lot of likes on Instagram, but it also acts as a toy.

“Each flower is packed with crinkle and you can undo the velcro to create the ideal toy for tug of war,” the product description reads.


So your pooch can also have some fun with it when you’re finally done snapping photos. In other words, this product is a win for dogs and humans alike!

If you like, you can dress all of your pets up in this sweet springtime accessory!

The MIYOPET Etsy shop also features adorable handmade floral arrangements that work for cats and dogs alike. They cost just $15:


The BunnyBunAccessories Etsy shop even has flower crown options for bunnies! Can you imagine anything more fitting for springtime?

A rabbit flower crown might just be the cutest thing you’ll ever see, and it’s just $5.50:


If you’re feeling crafty, you can also try your hand at making your own flower crowns. This tutorial from the Simple As That blog shows how you can use faux flowers and hot glue to create a beautiful flower crown for both you and your pet:

Simple As That

Whether you purchase one of these accessories or make it on your own, there’s sure to be lots of cute photo shoots in your future. So make sure your pets are ready for their close-ups!