You Can Now Get Unicorn Ice Cream At Walmart

We live in a world obsessed with all things unicorn. And it’s totally understandable. Magical? Sparkly? Enchanting? Effortlessly cute? Unicorns are all of these things.

From unicorn makeup and humidifiers to unicorn wine, cake and more, the range of things that can be transformed into unicorn magic are quite endless. The latest and greatest to hit shelves? Unicorn Sparkle Ice Cream! That’s right. Walmart is officially stocking their stores with the kind of ice cream I imagine Cinderella would indulge in.

Described as “cake flavored ice cream with a magical purple frosting swirl and candy confetti pieces,” this multi-colored frozen treat comes in a 48-ounce tub for only $2.97. Crazy, I know. And in case you were worried, the tub clearly states that the ice cream “does not contain real unicorns.” Whew.

Can’t find Unicorn Sparkle Ice Cream? Not to fear. Kroger recently launched their own version of the rainbow creation, calling it Unicorn Swirl.

This cotton-candy pink ice cream is cake batter-flavored and comes with vibrant blue swirls and icing-covered animal cracker bits. Who remembers how good animal crackers were/are? Talk about a nostalgic childhood treat!

For those of you who want to try their hand at making this delightful concoction at home, check out blogger Totally The Bomb’s No-Churn Unicorn Ice Cream, which is as adorable and tasty as it is easy to make. With this simple recipe, you don’t have to worry about churning, which is often a big pain in the butt when making ice cream from scratch.

Totally The Bomb

All you need is five ingredients to make this ice cream, one of which is just food coloring to get the crazy swirls of color that everyone goes crazy for. Cake batter flavor, rainbow swirls and sprinkles make this dessert a unicorn masterpiece.

What are your thoughts on the unicorn craze?