You Can Now Order A Pickle Split Ice Cream Sundae

The pickle is a beloved snack. Salty, briny and oh-so-crunchy, it’s perfect in sandwiches, salads, on its own and … in ice cream sundaes? Well, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

Imagine your traditional banana ice cream sundae with scoops of indulgent ice cream — topped with syrups, fruit compotes, whipped cream and (of course) cherries. Only instead of having the scoops piled high on banana slices, the glorious dessert mound is resting on pickle wedges!

This epic creation comes to you from Pine Mountain Country Coffee House, a new mercantile and coffee shop based in Festus, Missouri. The eatery introduced the item on April 1 but made sure to clarify it wasn’t a prank.

“How about something crazy for April… cream and pickles! Try a Pickle Ice cream sundae! Not an April’s Fool Day joke, it’s really good, especially when you top it with chocolate sauce,” the caption reads.

According to an interview with St. Louis-based KSDK-TV, shop owner Deanna Farrar discovered this unlikely combination after being dared as a teenager to eat pickles with ice cream. After trying the combination, it became a normal treat for her.


Little did she know that one day this very combo would put her shop on the map.

“I was thinking one day at work while working on menus to make a pickle sundae. Later that week while out to dinner with my husband we were talking about it, and our waitress even said it sounded good and she would eat it,” Farrar told KSDK-TV. “My husband said ‘wow, next thing I know you will come up with a pickle split lol.’ I told him that was genius! I made it and a lot of people really like it.”

Here’s a closer look at the unique sundae:

The sundae pictured above consists of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream, drizzled with strawberry and chocolate sauce, whipped cream, three maraschino cherries … and finally, the dill pickle spear.

After making this item an official item on the menu, the pickle split has really taken off. The first one was sold last month, as posted on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

The sweet and salty “pickle split” creation, as it is called, has become a huge hit at the coffee house. Its Facebook page has been posting images of many customers enjoying it.

It seems like plenty of people are willing to give the pickle split a try.

The treat sells for $7.50, with your choice of ice cream.

True pickle lovers, however, shouldn’t be surprised by this latest concoction. Last year, we were blessed with the pickle-flavored ice cream from Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. on New York’s Upper West Side.

You can get a peek of it below:

Meanwhile, pickle cupcakes started making the rounds a few years back, including this recipe from Stef at The Cupcake Project. She makes her pickle cupcakes with ground dill, pickle juice and diced pickles.

She also tops hers with vanilla ice cream.

The Cupcake Project

Recipes for pickle juice pops made their internet rounds, too!

Unfortunately, not all of us are close enough to Missouri to go get our own pickle splits. But there’s nothing stopping us from making our own at home!


What do you think — would you try this pickle-infused ice cream sundae?