You Can Now Ride Falkor And The Snail From The Neverending Story

Recently, we told you how to make your own Falkor snuggle pillow. Now, we’ve discovered that you can actually ride him!

At Bavaria Films (a theme park similar to Universal Studios), Neverending Story lovers can not only ride Falkor and the snail, but see all the props used in the film! Yessss!!!


You will need to book a trip to Munich, Germany for this experience, but if you ever happen to be in the area, stop by and let us know how cool it is!

Here’s some photos of the attraction:

Pictured: Falkor and the Sphinx (back left)

Dangerous Minds

Morla the turtle

Bavaria Filmstadt photo
Photo by charlotteshj

Rockbiter (one of my favorites) and Teeny Weeny!

Photo by spaete.eric

Another view of the Sphinx (From The Gate to the Southern Oracle)

Bavaria Filmstadt photo
Photo by spaete.eric

A close up of Teeny Weeny

Bavaria Filmstadt photo
Photo by spaete.eric

[h/t: Hello Giggles]