You can put a giant, inflatable sandworm from ‘Beetlejuice’ in your front yard this Halloween

We’re getting closer and closer to the spookiest season of the year and if you don’t have your outdoor Halloween decorations figured out yet, Beetlejuice is here to make sure your lawn is the eeriest on the block.

(Just don’t say his name three times.)

While the trickster ghost is scary enough, you know what’s actually worse than Beetlejuice? (Oops, I’ve said it twice!) Sandworms! If you’ve seen the film, you may remember the moment when Adam and Barbara’s yard turns to sand and the sandworm comes roaring toward them.

Beetlejuice (darn it, that’s three times) himself isn’t a fan, saying at one point, “Whoa, sandworms. Ya hate ’em right? I hate ’em myself!”

Now Home Depot has brought the creepy creature to life with a 9.5-foot, pre-lit inflatable animated sandworm!

Home Depot

The worm self-inflates in seconds and has an animated tongue that moves from side to side for extra creepiness. It costs $179 and shipping is free.

I spotted the sandworm at my local Home Depot and it is a sight to behold. Gigantic in person, trick-or-treaters will not be able to miss this thing slithering in your yard!

Kaitlin Gates

For just $20 more, at $199, Home Depot also has a 9-foot inflatable tombstone complete with a sandworm and a projection screen on which you could play clips from the film.

Home Depot

If a sandworm is a little creepy for you or you’re just not a fan of the ghostly movie, Home Depot has some other inflatable and animated decorations available this season.

Pre-Lit Inflatable Audrey From ‘Little Shop Of Horrors’

If you’re a “Little Shop of Horrors” fan, this inflatable Audrey plant is a thing of beauty! Standing more than seven feet tall, it costs $189 and comes with the words “feed me” written on it, of course.

Home Depot

Inflatable Fire And Ice 3 Witches With Cauldron

You can’t go wrong with witches on Halloween! This 6-foot inflatable has three witches surrounding a cauldron that says “Trick or Treat.” It is $149 and features a fiery and icy light effect.

Home Depot

Pre-Lit Halloween Inflatable Haunted House

If you want something more classic this Halloween, this 10-foot inflatable haunted house is perfect! At $99, it has a tassel door with spooky trees and a tombstone. It also illuminates for a fun nighttime display.

Home Depot

3.5 ft. Pre-Lit Jack Skellington on Tombstone with Logo

Or maybe you prefer a different Halloween movie? If you like Disney’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” you can decorate your lawn with an inflatable Jack Skellington instead for $39.98.

Home Depot

Pre-Lit Animated Turning Head Black Cat With Striped Tail

If it’s Halloween animals you prefer, you’re definitely going to want this 6-foot black cat cavorting on your lawn. This cute yet malicious-looking creature costs $69.98. Apparently, it even has an animated tongue.

Home Depot

Pre-Lit Inflatable Winged Black/Orange Dragon

If you’re more into the care of magical creatures, this 3.5-foot dragon might fit the bill instead. Look how cute this inflatable is with those orange accents! And it’s reasonably priced at $39.98.

Home Depot

To see all the Halloween inflatables at Home Depot, just visit their website. Will you be adding a sandworm or any other inflatables to your outdoor decor this year?