You can put this floating pet fur catcher right in the washing machine

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Gone are the days of having to struggle to remove pet hair from your clothes! Banish that pesky fur once and for all, thanks to this floating pet fur catcher.

This product is designed to be tossed into the washing machine with your clothes, sheets and towels. Thanks to a mesh compartment, it traps any floating hair or lint in a pouch. When the wash cycle is complete, you can just remove all of the pet hair and other lint it caught before placing your clothes in the dryer.


Fittingly enough, it’s called the Floating Pet Fur Catcher, and it’s available for purchase on Amazon for $7.59 at time of publication.

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This video from YouTube demonstrates how it works:

It seems as simple as just tossing it into the wash and walking away. And according to the reviews of the product, it really does work as well as it claims to.

“They do exactly what they ‘re supposed to do they float in the wash collecting lint and hair so it doesn’t stick to your clothes or clog up the drain,” one reviewer wrote. “I didn’t think these would work, I was sure I had wasted my money, but they work perfectly.”

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Another recommended putting a few of these in your wash, which is a great idea for those larger loads!

“If you don’t want all your wash to come out covered in lint and hair, you *need* lint traps — yes, I mean multiple lint traps,” the reviewer suggested. “It’s like night and day, really.”

If you’re interested in taking this advice, you can find a six-pack of these fur catchers available on Amazon for $11.99:


With all of the pet lovers out there having a tough time removing pet hair from their clothing, it’s no surprise this isn’t the only product on the market designed to help dog and cat owners keep their clothes clean!

You can also find products like this fur and lint catcher that’s designed to go in the dryer through retailers such as Amazon. This version is available for $18.99:


Since this is designed to get any excess lint or fur off of your clothes in the dryer, you can use both the mesh fur catcher and this dryer ball together to do double duty on your clothes.

That way, by the time they’re ready to be folded, they’re fresh and fur-free!


What do you think? Will you be trying these techniques to keep pet hair off of your laundry?

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