You Can Sleep Under The Stars In These Amazing Bubble Domes

While camping may not be for everyone, there’s no arguing that sleeping under the stars surrounded by nature can be a memorable adventure. Now, hotels throughout the world are offering a unique travel experience: spending the night in a see-through outdoor bubble dome.

Following in the footsteps of other trends like ice hotels and glass igloo resorts, bubble domes combine the scenic beauty of camping in the wild with the creature comforts of more traditional hotel accommodations. Bubble domes are reportedly made of a clear-but-sturdy plastic and have ventilation systems that keep the air circulating through them. The result gives guests 180 degree views from their totally transparent rooms, like in the image below from the Campera Hotel.

The closest bubble hotel to the U.S. is currently the Campera Hotel in Mexico’s Valle de Guadalupe wine region near Ensenada. Just a two hour drive south of San Diego, the Campera Hotel consists of ten bubble rooms and suites that all feature a private bathroom, air-conditioning, heating and a full view of “five million stars” from your full-size bed.

Wine-lovers will also appreciate being surrounded by vineyards and wineries in a region of Mexico that has been compared to California’s Napa Valley.

Outside of North America, bubble hotels also exist in Europe and Africa, including the Finn Lough Resort in Northern Ireland.

Surrounded by a forest, Finn Lough’s bubble domes feature Scandinavian-inspired interiors and a location with unspoiled woodland views. Check out this YouTube user’s tour of one of Finn Lough’s bubble rooms, or take a look at some photos of Finn Lough’s bubble rooms below.

How gorgeous is this night shot?

Bubble hotels also exist in places like Finland, France, Spain, Iceland, Jordan, Madagascar and the Caribbean island of Martinique.

No plans to travel outside of the U.S. anytime soon? You could potentially buy your own bubble dome, although they’re not exactly cheap. The ones we spotted on Amazon hover around the $1,000 price range. Still, for the ability to spend a night under the stars without worrying about bugs or rain, a bubble dome might be the perfect upgrade to add to your own backyard.

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