You Can Soon Buy Marshmallows Filled With Chocolate

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S’mores are a campfire classic, but sometimes you want the flavor of the delicious snack without having to deal with bonfire hair for days on end. Soon, you’ll be able to do just that, thanks to the debut of a new product — Stuffed Puffs.

They look like regular marshmallows from the outside, but the special ‘mallows are actually filled with a yummy chocolate center. Of course, you can still roast these over a flame for the true s’mores experience, and the fact that the chocolate is already inside the marshmallow means you’ll be able to roast it much more evenly.

Say goodbye to s’mores with burnt marshmallows but chocolate that’s not quite yet melted! These already have chocolate inside them that melts alongside the marshmallow for the perfect delicious, gooey flavor.

According to an Instagram page for the product, these delectable new treats are available to buy in store as of April 28.

The product will apparently be available exclusively to Walmart.

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The company confirmed the launch on Instagram.

“Chocolate filled marshmallows – kid approved!” reads one caption alongside an image of a child looking down in amazement at his melted s’more. “April 28, 2019 launch @walmart.”

It also confirmed that the product had arrived to stores, writing, sharing this clip alongside the caption, “Just landed @walmart.”

The item may be new, but it’s already creating quite a stir on social media. The Stuffed Puffs official Instagram account already has more than 2,000 followers, and the comments on their posts indicate that people are super hyped for the snack to debut.

On a promo post where they implore people to “elevate their s’mores game,” users said that they’re more than ready to do just that.

“I need these! We have 5 long camping trips planned this spring and summer!” read one comment.

“This is too good to be true,” seconded another.

“I’m buying two bags: one to take home, and one for me to eat on the way home. LOL!” said a third.

Another post from Stuffed Puffs shows what they look like before you roast or otherwise melt them, as well as what they look like melted in between graham crackers.

Honestly, either way, they look pretty darn delicious!

And in case your mouth isn’t watering already, here’s what these yummy treats look like when roasted over a fire like traditional marshmallows.

“We put the chocolate on the inside so it melts from the inside out,” the company describes.

What a genius idea!

Though Walmart already has the product listing on its site, the marshmallows aren’t currently available for purchase online.

The retailer lists the in-store cost as $3.98 for a 10-ounce bag of Stuffed Puffs Chocolate-Filled Vanilla Marshmallows.


The bag describes the marshmallows as “made with real chocolate” and describes the quick, three-step process to create the perfect s’more on the back. As you can see below, you no longer need to buy marshmallows and candy bars separately to make the perfect s’mores.


Simply warm up these stuffed marshmallows so that the built-in chocolate melts, add it to a graham cracker sandwich, and you’re all set!

You can also eat the marshmallows on their own with some fruit for a little sweet and tasty dessert, as seen below:

You can even incorporate them into a Stuffed Puffs strawberry shortcake. The company shared an instructional video for the recipe on Instagram, and the end result looks seriously delicious.

Will you be giving Stuffed Puffs a try this summer?

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