You Can Soon Enjoy Deep-Fried Oreos At Home—Because You’ll Be Able To Buy Them At These Stores

The state fair comes but once a year, but thanks to a new product from Oreo, you can enjoy one of the main attractions of the fair long after the rides have been packed up. The cookie company is releasing Frozen Oreo State Fair Cookies, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about this deep-fried Oreo treat.

I mean, this cookie basically encapsulates the spirit of summer into one dessert. Who wouldn’t absolutely love that?!

The news of this new summertime treat came by way of the JunkFoodMom on Instagram, who was alerted by Instagram user @markie_devo. According to her post, these will be sold at Walmart:

And if you head over to, you’ll find a listing for these delicious cookies is already up online. However, they’re not available for shipping or in-store pick-up just yet — which leads us to believe we’re just waiting for the official launch date to arrive before we can bring this joy home to our freezers.

Simplemost has reached out to Walmart to find out more details about the expected launch date.

In the meantime, you can start trying to decide if you’ll purchase these frozen Oreo cookies in vanilla or chocolate, because – that’s right — as JunkFoodMom notes, there’s more than one flavor!

Can these cookies hurry up and get here already?

While the deep-fried Oreos you know and love from the state fair are actually battered and deep fried, these say they’re covered in a crunchy coating rather than actually being deep fried. Once you pull them from the freezer, you can bake or microwave them until they’re nice and warm and ready to be devoured.

And if you’re just too excited to wait for these to become officially available at Walmart, you can always go to your local state fair, or try to make these at home from scratch.

Thanks to this step-by-step video from the FunFoods YouTube channel, it won’t be all that difficult to recreate this yumminess at home:

This all looks so tasty! We can hardly wait to eat as many of these as possible.