You Can Stay In An Adorable Tiny House All To Yourself At This Resort

Tiny-home living isn’t for everyone, but the ideals at the heart of the movement — living sustainably, having less stuff, simplifying your life — sound so wonderful. Virtuous, even. If only we could get just a slice of it once in a while, or test it out before jumping in with both feet.

At WeeCasa, a tiny-home resort in Colorado, you can do just that. WeeCasa is a cluster of tiny homes (the owners refer to it as a village) in Lyons, Colorado, right on the edge of the foothills of the Rockies. Stay the night at WeeCasa, and you’ll have a tiny house all to yourself.

If you book early enough, you’ll even get to pick from a variety of styles, and each one is different.

The Hobbit House is one of the most popular tiny homes at WeeCasa, said director of operations, Karen Agena.



While the Hobbit House is a customer favorite, there are plenty of other delightful options to choose from. Every tiny home seems to come with its own particular look and style.

While these little abodes are oozing charm, the best part of WeeCasa just might be how it came to be in the first place.

The devastating floods that battered northern Colorado in 2013 hit the town of Lyons particularly hard. Businessman Kenyon Waugh wanted to aid in his town’s economic recovery after the floods.

The popularity of the tiny homes made them an intriguing option in a town that needed more lodging options, especially during the busy summer and fall months, when many tourists come through Lyons on their way to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Waugh was inspired by the tiny-home movement after he and his wife hiked the Appalachian Trail, where they lived a more pared-down life, Agena said.

The quarters are tight, but they still have plenty of amenities. This one, for example, has a tiny refrigerator and a stove just below the sleeping loft.


And the all-new Juniper House below offers modern farmhouse-style lodging, complete with a small desk/workspace alongside a tiny kitchen countertop.

The caption also suggests that the house boasts plenty of closet space and a glamorous chandelier.

WeeCasa Resort also boasts some more generic open space, like the one below. Visitors can use this space as a venue for anything from business meetings and retreats to small parties.

WeeCasa’s tiny homes also offer an area for outdoor play and community time, too. The drive circles the tiny homes, and at the center is a grassy area with picnic benches and lounge chairs.

An Adirondack chair just outside of your cute little lodging is the perfect place to enjoy your morning coffee.


If you love outdoor activities, you may want to visit the venue during warmer months. In the evening, families can eat dinner and play some fun games outside.

WeeCasa is already booked for most summer weekends, and if you have a tiny home preference, you’ll want to book way in advance. Either way, though, you’ll want to check out some of the homes you can reserve. You may want to take a look even if you’re not heading for Colorado anytime soon because they’re so darned cute.

The Lily Pad, for example, has a boho vibe:


Others have a more modern feel:


There are also homes with a more whimsical, colorful feel:

Some of the tiny homes at WeeCasa are as large (ha!) as 600 square feet, and they sleep up to six people. The tiniest of the homes are around 165 square feet, Agena said.

Are you ready to see whether you could handle downsizing your home into a few hundred square feet while still avoiding space-related spats with your spouse? This is a great way to try before you buy — or not.

Even if you already know that tiny home living isn’t for you, this is such a fun way to confirm it. Plus, you’re sure to appreciate the size of your own home more than you ever did when you return from your vacation.

Would you visit one of these tiny homes?