You have to see this hilariously snarky promo video for the “Will & Grace” revival

Get ready to don your sweater vests, everybody. A new teaser promo video for the upcoming “Will & Grace” revival has been released, and it’s incredible. Seriously, the first episode can’t come soon enough—September 28 feels way too long to wait!

In the hilarious 30-second clip, viewers can see heartwarming (well, sort of) moments from the original 1998-2006 run combined with brand-new footage from the upcoming season. And if this preview is at all accurate, this season is going to be as raunchy and wild as ever. All within reason, of course.

Nobody is safe from the skewering, however. If it’s not someone getting called out for their underdeveloped calves, then it’s Newt Gingrich being described as “a man, but he’s aged into a lesbian.” Sorry Newt, but nobody ever watched “Will & Grace” because it was sweet and tenderhearted…

And if all of that wasn’t exciting enough, Debra Messing posted a selfie with Harry Connick Jr. (her ex-husband on the original run of the show) with the caption, “he’s backkkkkkkkkkkk. That southern gentleman that stole all of our hearts— @harryconnickjr . There will never be another Leo.”

“Will & Grace” revival already renewed

It seems like this show just can’t premiere fast enough. Between the promo trailers and the knowledge that it’s already been renewed for a second season, (and we haven’t even seen the first one yet!) nobody wants to wait a whole month and three days for the first episode to come out.

But as excited as we are, the original gang is even more so. “I always thought about the four of us as being like an orchestra and each of us playing a different instrument and creating a musical together,” Debra Messing, 48, told Entertainment Weekly magazine in an interview. “Comedy is music. Once we started playing the music again it was like, oh, I know how this song goes.”

So hurry up already! We can’t wait for the “Will & Grace” revival!