These geodes are actually man-made—and easy to DIY

Sparkly geodes are already interesting and beautiful. But the Food Network has devised a way to make these colorful rock formations even more amazing: by making them edible.

Take your dessert-making to the next level by making these candy geodes at home. Thanks to this quick video from the Food Network, making these colorful rocks is super easy, and they’re perfect to make for birthday parties, little gifts, or even just for fun craft time with the kids.

These geodes may look like they’re from the earth, but all you need in order to make them yourself is an assortment of colorful hard candies, some aluminum foil and non-stick cooking spray. You can experiment with different colors to make all sorts of combinations, and then keep these candy geodes out on display or bite into them right away.

Here’s how you make these colorful geode gems:

1. Get some hard candies (such as Jolly Ranchers) and separate them by color. Finely crush them, and add them to small bowls.

2. Form tinfoil into an oval shape, folding over the outside to create a border where the hard candy can remain inside the tinfoil.

3. Create a little ball with another piece of tinfoil, and place it in the center of the oval tinfoil. This will leave room for the hole in the middle of the geode.

4. Spray the tinfoil with non-stick cooking spray. This will help prevent the candy from sticking to the tinfoil.

5. Start with one color of the hard candy, and place it in a circle around the center tinfoil piece. Take another color, and place it around the first. Continue with different colors until the tinfoil is filled.

6. Bake the pieces of tinfoil at 300 degrees for 3 to 5 minutes. Let them cool and carefully remove the candy from the tinfoil.

Watch the video below from the Food Network for a step-by-step visual guide:

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