What makes a toilet worth $10,000?

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What’s a smoother bathroom experience worth to you? $200? $500? $750? It turns out that some are spending more than $10,000 on a luxury toilet that has features for before, during and after use.

The Neorest 750H by TOTO, a company founded in Japan, sells for a cool $10,200, and has the kinds of features most toilet users only dream about, including a heated seat, a warm water sprayer and an air purifying system to minimize stinky situations. Oh, and it’s also self-cleaning.

“This intelligent toilet uses an integrated UV light and special zirconium coating to break down dirt and grime in the bowl, and rinses it clean with ewater+,” which is their electrolyzed water, according to the company. Sounds futuristic, right? The company had a bit of fun with that:

They’ve even released photos where the toilet looks a bit look an alien craft from another time and place:

This toilet is also equipped with a motorized lid that opens and closes automatically. You can customize the bidet function to your liking, with different pressure settings and positions. And you can switch on any of its neat features using, of course, the remote control.

But don’t worry. If you have a power outage, there’s always the manual backup flusher!

Who Would Buy Such An Expensive Toilet?

Does this toilet already look familiar? You may have seen it on a 2016 episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” when Kylie Jenner and Kris Jenner went shopping in the TOTO showroom for a toilet up to their luxe standards, landing on the Neorest 750H.


What Do Other People Think?

A reporter for Business Insider tested out the so-called Mercedes Benz of toilets. Melia Robinson wrote that she was interested in the bidet function because of its massage chair-like options and the potential to reduce the environmental impact of making toilet paper. “Like a car, the Neorest 750H allows owners to set two user profiles. That way, people can save their bidet preferences and skip the settings on future uses,” Robinson wrote. But did she take one of the $10,000 toilets home? “I’d rather get a new car,” the reporter concluded.

In The Know put together a video on Facebook that explains the main features of the Neorest 750H. More than 3.5 million people have tuned in to see what could be so unique about a toilet:

One user wasn’t sure any regular toilet could be worth $10,000: “For that price, I’d want a detailed fecal analysis with dietary advice with every flush,” Jamin Davey wrote. Another user had personal experience with this model: “Had this toilet in the suite room of the Four Seasons Hotel in Guangzhou and my goodness its so smart it automatically opens when it senses you,” wrote Maria Essa De Torres, though she wasn’t so sure about the need for a “steam” option.

What about you? Does it seem worth it? What would make you pay this much for a toilet?

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