When A Walmart Customer Double Parks, This Happens

Have you ever spent several minutes circling a parking lot, searching for a spot, only to find one—but then discover that the car next to you is parked outside of the lines and is essentially taking up two spots? Maddening!

You silently (or loudly) curse that driver, and maybe contemplate taking some sort of revenge. But, in most cases, you drive away and move on with your day—and that double-parked driver gets away with it. Not the case for a Wal-Mart employee in Maine who decided to take up two spots. Fellow parkers decided to teach this driver a very memorable lesson.

In a photo posted on Facebook by Matthew Mills, you can see the car clearly straddling the line, taking up two spaces. There are shopping carts completely surrounding the vehicle, which prompted Mills to write in the caption, “This guy got a lesson in parking.”

Mills says he was not the prankster. “I was told it was an employee,” he told ABC 13.

Some have suggested that justice was rightfully served to the person who double parked (who was also reportedly an employee). Yet others have pointed out that it snows in Maine. The newly fallen snow may have covered the lines. And underneath that snow is usually a layer of ice, making it almost impossible to gain control of the vehicle. According to a friend of the driver who double parked, that’s what happened.

She “came to work and slid into her spot because of an icy spot and couldn’t park straight and then someone rudely put carts around her car,” according to what the friend told WMTW News 8.