You’ll soon be able to stay in a Cartoon Network Hotel

Cartoon Network and Palace Entertainment, the makers of the Dutch Wonderland Amusement Park, are teaming up to create an experience unlike any other. According to an announcement from the companies, as of summer 2019, your family will be able to stay in a Cartoon Network Hotel. So get ready to pack up the car and head out of town for an unforgettable stay.

The hotel will feature an indoor arcade, an outdoor amphitheater where you can see new cartoons before they ever make their way to TV, a pool, a wine bar and so much more fun for kids and adults alike.

It will be located “just steps away” from the Dutch Wonderland Amusement Park, which is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and which offers 35 different rides and other forms of family-friendly entertainment.

Courtesy Palace Entertainment

As if the amenities weren’t cool enough, the folks at Cartoon Network decided to take it a step further. Not only will you be able to view cartoons in the amphitheater, but you’ll also be able to interact with some of your favorite characters. That’s right — the hotel’s employees will be dressed as Cartoon Network characters, so a trip down to the lobby could lead to a Jake from “Adventure Time” sighting.

After Cartoon Network posted a link to the announcement on their Twitter account, cartoon fans were completely overjoyed. Many took to Twitter themselves to express their excitement. Twitter user @MidnightDrearyy, for one, is thrilled about this new hotel:

People are already preparing to drop a lot of cash to stay there, as Twitter user @CLametria so accurately described:

Even those who live nearby would be willing to pay to stay at the hotel, as Twitter user @batliquorice points out:

But while many are excited, others are skeptical about the hotel’s opening given the fact that Nickelodeon tried a very similar concept in the ’90s. Twitter user @googamp32 wrote, “Oh, yes. Because building a hotel worked SO WELL when Nickelodeon tried it!”

Ultimately, Nickelodeon’s Florida hotel was turned into a Holiday Inn in 2016, according to Orlando Weekly. But after partnering with Karisma Hotels, Nickelodeon was able to re-brand and open locations in Mexico.

Only time will tell if the Cartoon Network hotel will have a better run than the Florida-based Nickelodeon hotel. Will any of you book a stay?

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