Your Kids Will Love Making Adorable Peeps Houses For Easter

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Is it just me, or does Easter seem to really be borrowing from Christmas traditions this year? First came Easter’s answer to Elf on a Shelf — Peep on a Perch — and now comes the spring version of a gingerbread house: a Peep house (of course)!

For parents, this might actually be a nightmare as it means one more messy project to do alongside coloring eggs. But, you have to admit it’s pretty adorable. And there’s good news: Peeps don’t need nearly as fancy of a house as gingerbread men, so their little huts are much simpler and easy to build.

One how-to from Yesterfood calls for graham crackers, thick frosting or icing, newspaper or parchment paper, Easter decor for inside and outside the house and, obviously, Peeps. The recipe suggests making your own icing and using name-brand graham crackers rather than store-bought because they’re usually thicker and sturdier. But of course, it’s up to choose whichever type of ingredients you prefer.


You can find the full guide to making the Peep house on the Yesterfood blog, but essentially, all you do is “glue” the floor and walls together with icing. Then put the roof together separately, and let the whole thing dry. Once dried, just attach them to each other and decorate however you’d like!

Yesterfood suggests adding some chocolate eggs inside or outside the nest for extra Easter flare. You can also thin and melt some icing to add the look of melting snow to the roof if you’re still thawing out where you live.

And don’t forget to add some edible grass to keep your Peep warm and cozy in their homes. If you can’t find it in a store near you, you can easily find some on Amazon. The one below, which includes a 1-ounce bag of edible Easter grass, currently retails for under $7 on the site.


Another version, from Grateful Prayer Thankful Heart, took the inspiration from Yesterfood, but also includes the option to set aside extra frosting and make graham cracker name tags to include with your house. They could even serve as place settings at the Easter dinner table!

Grateful Prayer Thankful Heart

The houses should last for several days … if your kiddos don’t eat them first, of course.

Will you be making a Peep graham-cracker house this Easter?